Tadcaster Brewing
Tadcaster Brewing
Tadcaster Brewing

Bringing a town and its heritage back to life!

A town to be proud of

Tadcaster, rich in history and with a long brewing tradition, a town we should all be proud of.

For more than two centuries this town has been famous for brewing, with its products becoming known to millions of people, not only in Yorkshire and the rest of the United Kingdom but across the world. Something that should be celebrated and that we are justifiably proud.

In recognition of this history, the town and the many skilled townsfolk that helped create this huge industry legacy, plans are in place to create a permanent celebration to the town with a unique Brewing Heritage Centre.

The goal is to create a major tourist attraction that will provide a massive boost to Tadcaster, the local community and its businesses. It is expected that this new tourist attraction will attract over a thousand visitors per week to our proud town and eventually lead to new shops, organisations and employment buoyed by the extra footfall.

Pride in the community

It will be hugely important that the Tadcaster Brewing Heritage Centre pays appropriate tribute to and acknowledges the contribution of the many brewery workers, their families and townsfolk who appreciate all that the breweries have contributed over the centuries and by doing so, bring the industry to life through real world insights, experiences and anecdotes.

Tadcaster Town Council and now with North Yorkshire Council recognise that for many years,  a brewing heritage experience of some kind in Tadcaster, would not only showcase the skills, dedication and loyalty of the brewery workers but would also be a great local asset. On a broader scale we are sure that it will have a stimulating effect to local business and attract new investment, without which our local economy will continue to struggle and shrink further. 

Well now it’s happening after waiting for far too long.

National support

Become involved now!

Our intention is that the Tadcaster Brewing Heritage Centre will become a significant tourist attraction in the north of England. The only other major brewing centre in the UK, Burton-upon-Trent, was home to The National Brewery Centre but they have had to shut down although they did offer their support until their sad demise. 

We will remain independent and our aim is to provide an experience that exceeds that of the NBC, with more beer options, virtual brewery tours, in-tour competitions, eye catching exhibits, family friendly events and various pop-up events, all utilising the latest technology to make the displays come to life and preserve the heritage of our town.


We would like you to register your interest and that way you can also find out more and receive updates.

Do you want to do more?

We are on the lookout for a wide range of brewing memorabilia, from local pubs as well as the breweries, that you may have in your garage or loft. Now is the time to find a new home for those pumps clips, drip mats, trays, water jugs, towels and any of the brewery in-house magazines.

To enable us to create a visual history, we’d especially like to utilise any old photographs, cine film or videos of inside or outside the breweries or sporting events and trips. These along with your recollections, anecdotes and stories will make the displays come to life so that our visitors have a magnificent experience here in Tadcaster.

What the future holds

As we approach the launch date next year, we will require full and part time staff together with volunteers from the local community – for a wide range of role.

If you want to find out more you can contact us via this website or email

Prior to the launch we are staging a Pop-up Exhibit -which will provide an opportunity for everyone to see what we are planning, get a feel for the proposed content and then we hope that you can provide some feedback enabling better informed decisions and necessary adjustments.

the new North Yorkshire Council are watching this project with great interest. They have identified it as a significantly important contribution in the regeneration of the town and it will only be possible with a substantial contribution from public funding!

Therefore we, the community, need to show NYC that there is the desire and commitment to have such a major attraction in our town. It is imperative that if you support the idea or just want more information, then please register below. Your privacy will be ensured and your information will not be shared with any other organisation.

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Thank you for your interest and together let’s get this town moving!

Paul Emmott

Director. Tadcaster Brewing Heritage Centre CIC.

This company has been formed especially for this project. CIC refers to a Community Interest Company and that ensures any profits raised will not be distributed to Directors/Members but will be used solely for development of the Company.